Looking for a visual punch to brighten up your kitchen?  Or something to tie together discordant elements, like warm wood cabinets and cold stainless steel appliances?  Or perhaps you’re looking for an inexpensive way to modernize an outdated kitchen without replacing the cabinets.  What can accomplish all these things?  A kitchen backsplash.

Stone, glass, metal, porcelain, terracotta, wood, mosaics and eco-friendly tiles made from recycled glass, aluminum and brass are all materials we’re seeing alone and in interesting combinations in kitchen backsplashes these days.  Backsplashes are considered wall art in kitchen design, and we’re seeing more interesting tile designs than ever.

Here are a few ideas for creative and functional backsplashes.

GPC backsplash

Quartz counters with a 3" quartz backsplash and stone tile backsplash on the walls


The backsplash in this catering kitchen is done in a small brick-patterned stone in varying shades of gray and golden bronze and compliments the quartz countertops.

Notice how the golden bronze color in the backsplash tile brings out the warm tone of the cherry cabinets and the gray color in the tile ties in the cooler tone of the stainless steel appliances.



A diamond pattern using 4×4 tiles in the same gray and golden bronze colors was added to the backsplash above the cooktop and on the sink wall to break up the long run of the brick pattern.

GPC backsplash

Small brick pattern tile with 4x4 squares in diamond pattern behind cooktop and sink


backsplash tile

French Country Kitchen Backsplash Tile

A money-saving idea used in this kitchen was to pair inexpensive 4×4 tiles with the more expensive diamond-patterned tiles used only in a running strip in the center of this backsplash.  Although the homeowner fell in love with the diamond-patterned tile, the cost of using it on the entire backsplash was not within her budget.  However, a small amount of it fit nicely within the budget and perhaps stands out even more when centered within the square tiles.


We later used the rest of her diamond-patterned tiles as a featured insert in a shower when she renovated a bathroom.

Shower tile

Diamond-patterned tile used in shower as framed artwork


There are so many tile options available today that backsplash ideas are endless!  A little imagination and creativity can create functional and inspiring wall art for your kitchen…or bath.


tile samples

Just a few possibilities to choose from!

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